Beauty Discovery Platform Joins Google Sand Hill program

The Google Sand Hill Program has prestigious VC partners who recommend promising companies based on technical and market disruption potential.

Purplle, India’s first personalized beauty discovery platform has joined Google’s Sand Hill program in India. Introduced in 2016 in India, Google Sand Hill program partners with high growth companies and works with them across products areas to help them navigate the challenges as they become the next generation of top companies. Purplle joins about 150 startups that have been a part of this program globally over the past 3+ years. 11 of its alumni have already achieved a billion-dollar evaluation. The Google Sand Hill Program has prestigious VC partners who recommend promising companies based on technical and market disruption potential.

In an interaction with BW Disrupt, Suyash Katyayani, CTO & Co-Founder - spoke about the association.

About the association:

The Google Sand Hill Program is at the forefront of technology innovation, the most exciting place to be for startups such as Purplle. What helped us is our strong focus on technology & agility in experimentation with new technology. Our solid tech-engine provides a personalized experience to over 40% of our consumers.I strongly feel our potential for tech & market disruption in the beauty vertical gives us a competitive edge over others & has been the catalyst in striking this association with Google. It feels great to be in one of the most enviable programs in the world for startups, and we hope to make the most of it because if we gain, our patrons gain!

Benefits for Purplle:

This engagement will see us benefit from Google’s vast knowledge bank, international network and support system. We get an opportunity to receive mentorship from experts to improve our product, design, analytics & machine learning engine. Also what we look forward to, apart from mentorship from Google, are early access to pilot programs, higher-touch customer support, access to new products and partnerships that companies of our size normally wouldn’t otherwise receive.

Future plans:

We expect a million consumers beauty discovery to be aided by our proprietary beauty assistant (personalization engine) in a 12 month period. Our data engine allows us to visualize gaps in the current catalog and plug them through different exclusive inventory. Purplle already has exclusive distribution for 10-12 international brands and owns a couple of private labels. We are building an omni- channel presence to ensure consumers are able to see these brands in action as well as experience our personalization technology in a physical environment. We expect to close 2016-17 with a 2.5x growth over last year and profitable at the EBIDTA level. Our exclusive brand catalog should contribute to 15% of our total sales and our beauty assistant should touch the million beauty lives.

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